Who can host a Tupperware party?
Anyone 18-years-old or older.
What would I have to do?
Not much.

  1. You let me know what items you’re interested in so we can determine the amount in sales needed to receive the items free or half-off.
  2. You personally invite your  friends and family to attend.
  3. Be excited and participate during the party!
I'm not local, how can I host a party?
The same way you’re reading this now!  Online!  I can set up a social media party of Facebook for anyone residing in the United States.

(Live in another country?  Don’t worry, I can hook you up with a consultant local to your area!)

What's a Tupperware Social Media Party, and why would I want one?
These are online parties that normally take place on Facebook.  Most of our friends and family are already there, so why not take the party to them!

  • Tupperware parties on Facebook generally span 2-4 days with a 60-90 minute “live” party portion.
  • During the live party we demo products, play games, and answer questions.
  • Guests that can’t make it for the live portion are able to go back and participate at a time that is convenient for them.
  • This is a great option for those that have friends and family spread out across the state or country.
What do I get for Hosting a Tupperware Party?

Our Host Rewards change monthly, so take a moment to check out my Facebook page to see what’s currently offered.

We have several level of rewards, the larger your party total, the more you can receive in free and half-off items!