I am an Independent Tupperware Consultant.  I LOVE Tupperware, and use it on a daily basis. Have a question about a certain product? Ask away, and I’ll give you what information I have on it along with my personal opinion. Do I think every peice of Tupperware is an oh-em-gee/must-have/can’t live without item? No.  Is my kitchen exclusively stocked with Tupperware?  Hahaha! No. However, I do know someone who does have an exclusively Tupperware kitchen…not gonna lie, it’s kind of awesome.

So, with all that being said, any Tupperware items you see me post about are ones that I personally use and love.  Any links for Tupperware are affiliate links, meaning I do receive a commission on products sold, parties hosted, or persons who join.  This is at no addtional cost to you and the money I do earn helps me buy more Tupperware, which makes my daughter happy because she loves to open the delivery boxes  with me.

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