Interested in Tupperware’s new Virtual Kit?  Through August 26, join for just $15 and enjoy your own selling website and social selling platform free for three months.  This Virtual Kit contains no product, but allows someone to start their online business with a minimal investment and gives access to our digital tools: Online Catalogs, online brochures, Videos, and Social media content.

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Tupperware Virtual Kit

This kit option, available thru August 26, 2020, offers new Tupperware Reps the opportunity to take advantage of the 3 months of My.Tup Pro for FREE, access to sampling, and opportunity to play in all awards and programs available to new Consultants, including the Welcome Bonus and Party Bonus. With the Virtual Kit, new Reps join, set up their Tupperware website, and start sharing that they are open for business!

What are the benefits of the Virtual Kit VS the Summer 2020 Kit?

Minus the physical product, you get access to everything Tupperware has available for their Reps.

With both kits you get 3 free months of a selling website (which means friends and family can make purchases online from anywhere in the US), and you recieve a 25% – 35% discount on Tupperware products.

With the Virtual Kit you have the ability to create your own “Tupperware Kit” by purchasing the products you want at a discount.

Who should get the Virtual Kit?

  • Anyone who wants to start immediately with online/social selling.
  • Anyone who would like to build their own Tupperware Kit with products of their choosing.
  • Anyone who would like to use the product discount to organize their home.

Did you know you can purchase the Virtual Kit (or the Summer 2020 Kit) and use it just for the discount?  You’re not required to start selling, though you’re more than welcome to.

Virtual Kit FAQ’s

What’s in the new Virtual Kit?

The Virtual Kit includes a 3 month free Pro my.Tupperware website subscription which includes a personal selling website.

Note: Payment information will be gathered, but no charge will occur until the 3-month trial period has elapsed.

When is the Virtual Kit available?

The Virtual Kit is available May 30–August 26, 2020.

Is there an Easy Payment Plan option available for the Virtual Kit?

No, the $15 payment for the Virtual Kit is due in full, upfront, plus applicable taxes.

Do those who join with the Virtual Kit have the same benefits of those who join with the Summer 2020 Kit?

Yes, there is no difference in their benefits. They will be able to sample, add to their team, and earn all awards available to New Consultants, including the Welcome Bonus and Party Bonus and enter the Confident Start Program.

How does achieving level 2 of the Confident Start Program pay off the Virtual Kit?

Since the Easy Payment Plan option isn’t available for the Virtual Kit, upon achieving level 2 in the Confident Start Program (achieve $1,000/$1,200 in their first 60 days), new Virtual Kit Consultants will receive a credit of $60/$80 toward their next Tupperware order.

Why is sales tax charged for a kit that does not contain products?

A sales tax is a consumption tax imposed by the government on the sale of goods and services, in this instance, the service being the start of their business, access to order placement, the ability to earn commissions, etc.