Ever wonder why people join Tupperware?  Ever wonder what kind of representative you would be?  Did you know you don’t have to sell to join?  Seriously. You don’t have to sell to join.  Every person who joins Tupperware falls into one of three basic categories. Now, their category might change over time (it might even change multiple times), but if you’re considering joining, you’ll find yourself identifying with one of these three.

What Type Of Tupperware Representative Am I?

There are three main types of Tupperware Consultants/Representatives, and which one you are determines why you joined.  Are you a Discount Diva, Goal Getter, or Career Builder?

Discount Diva

My opinion? The majority of people who sign up begin as Discount Diva’s. I’m pretty much a Discount Diva.  My Business Leader began as a Discount Diva. You would not be alone if this was your reason for joining.

Why join as a Discount Diva?

  • You love what’s offered in either of the kits and the join cost is the best way to get those products at an amazing disount.
  • You’ll get 35% off of monthly samples and 25% off all other products in the catalog? Yes, please! 
  • You’re looking to redo your kitchen and need All. The. Things.  and there’s no way you’re going to pay full price if you can help it.
  • You love seasonal decorating and the monthly brochures have the cutest things you NEED to add to your collections.
  • You don’t really have any interest in selling, but you’ll buy for yourself and maybe occassional buy something as a gift for someone else.

Goal Getter

This is the second most popular reason people join.  Do you have a monetary goal?  Saving up to start an emergency fund, want a new appliance, or that dream vacation is just a bit out of reach?  Goal Getter’s usually have a short term goal that take a few weeks/months to accomplish.

 Why join as a Goal Getter? 

  • You know the exact amount of money you need and it’s going to come from your 25% commission from selling Tupperware.
  • You don’t mind working for a few weeks or a couple months to achieve your goal.
  • You’re a fairly social person and would love to party with friends and meet new people while also working towards your goal.
  • You’re excited about this opportunity and plan to get started like yesterday.

Career Builder

This is the category that most people fall into after they’ve been a Tupperware Rep for awhile.  They might start as a Discount Diva then after a few months become a Goal Getter, and then they find themselves wading into the Career Builder category.  Does that mean you can’t start out as a Career Builder? Absolutely not! It just means that there’s a smaller percentage of you out there as compared to the other categories.

Why join as a Career Builder?

  • You love Tupperware.  LOVE it.  You want every kitchen in America to have Tupperware.
  • You don’t like working for someone else and would rather work for yourself.
  • You are self-disciplined and have the drive and focus to achieve your goals.
  • You enjoy meeting new people and are a social butterfly.
  • You are computer literate and comfortable learning new technology and systems.
  • You thrive on new knowledge and will invest your time and energy in learning about leadership skills and Tupperware’s various products.
  • You view challenges as an adventure.

Joining as, or becoming, a Career Builder is not for the faint of heart.  It takes a tremedous amount of dedication and a strong work ethic.  The people who become Career Builders often invest more than 40 hours per week into their business.  They have truly earned their rank and none of them achieved it with good luck or having it fall in their lap.

So what type of Tupperware Representative did you most identify with?  Do you see yourself in more than one category?

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