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The Tupperware Citrus Peeler is one of those items that has been around forever, and just about everyone grew up seeing it in their kitchen drawer. However, a lot of people don’t realize that it’s a Tupperware product.  While this handy tool is easily recognized, it’s also not easily obtainable.  Prior to August 2020 it was only available as a free gift at Tupperware parties, usually given as a thank you for purchasing or attending a party.  This is the first time ever Tupperware has made the Citrus Peeler available to purchase, thanks to Rachael Ray using it on her show.


The Tupperware Citrus Peeler is available to purchase for a limited time.  To get yours, click here and select Shop.

How To Use

Using the hook end, press into the fruit and score from top to bottom in multiple places. 

Use the flat end of the peeler to lift the peel at the end of each section.

As Seen On Rachael Ray

Uses For The Tupperware Citrus Peeler

Once upon a time a bunch of Reps got together and came up with a ton of uses for the citrus peeler.  Some of these are great. Some of these are questionable. Some of these I would never try.  So read through, have a good laugh, and try at your own risk.


  1. Use it to peel citrus
  2. Use it as a hair stick
  3. Use it as a zipper retriever for when the pull gets stuck behind fabric
  4. Use it to scratch your back
  5. Use it to splint a broken finger in an emergency
  6. Use 20 to make a game of pick-up-sticks
  7. Use it as a butter knife
  8. Use it as a cake tester
  9. Use itas a cat toy
  10. Use it to clean gunk out of small groves
  11. Use it as a crochet hook
  12. Use it as a cuticle pusher
  13. Use it to stir drinks
  14. Use it to clean inside the rim of Tupperware seals
  15. Use 2 as an emergency pair of chopsticks
  16. Use it as a fish hook remover
  17. Use it to dip fruit or bread into chocolate fondue
  18. Use it as a stake for a small plant
  19. Use it as a miniature lawn aerator
  20. Use it as a letter opener
  21. Use it for the mast for a homemade toy sailboat
  22. Use 2 for the oars of a homemade toy rowing boat
  23. Use it as a nail cleaner
  24. Use it to take the cellophane off a Cd or DVD case
  25. Use it to weave baskets
  26. Use it as a plastic bag opener
  27. Use it as a plastic wrapper opener
  28. Use it to poke a vent hole in a pie before baking
  29. Use it as a potato eye-er
  30. Use it as a wedge to stop a table wobbling
  31. Use it to seperate cheese slices
  32. Use it to seperate deli meat slices
  33. Use it to pull out drawstrings that have slipped into their casing
  34. Put cotton over the end and use it clean in small places
  35. Use it ro remove dirt from between the oven top and the kitchen worktop
  36. Use it to remove dirt and lint from your computer keyboard
  37. Use it to remove hair from hairbrushes
  38. Use it to pick up a spider to take it outside
  39. Use it to remove paper labels from cans
  40. Use it to help remove muffins from their tray
  41. Use it to remove skins from avacados
  42. Use it to remove wax from furniture
  43. Use it to seperate a hard-boiled egg
  44. Use it to get a pickle out of the jar
  45. Use it to seperate a custard cream biscuit so you can eat the icing first
  46. Use it as a shoe horn for a doll
  47. Use it to smooth out grout
  48. Use it as a staple remover
  49. Use it as a fake cigarette to help you give up smoking
  50. Use it as a baton to wind up spare peices of fishing line
  51. Use it to make a homemade sun dial
  52. Use it as a cutting tool for play dough
  53. Use it to ding on an empty glass to get attention
  54. Use it as a book mark
  55. Use it to gently poke an insect to see if it’s alive
  56. Use it to get the las bit of wet cat food from the tin
  57. Use it to fish out teabags from mugs
  58. Use it to make patterns in a zen garden
  59. Use it to pop balloons
  60. Use it to remove corroded batteries
  61. Use it to take a “pinch of salt” from the salt pot
  62. Use it to remove small stones from the treat of your cars tires
  63. Use it to scoop face cream from its pot
  64. Use 2 to drum along to music
  65. Use it to turn a flat head screw
  66. Use 4 to make a tic-tac-toe grid
  67. use them as dividers in your piles of paperwork
  68. Use it to open taped boxes
  69. Use it as an emerginy arm for your glasses
  70. Use it as a clothes rail in a doll house
  71. Use it to wrap pipe cleaners around to make spirals
  72. Use it as a dibber to make holes in soild for planting seeds
  73. Use it to pick up dead bugs
  74. Use it on a picnic to cut your cake
  75. Use it to clean your mixers blades
  76. Use several to demonstrate geometric shapes for children
  77. Use it to make patterns in cake frosting
  78. Use it to part your hair
  79. Use 4 of them to peg down a picnic blanket
  80. Use it to press down the edges of pie pastry
  81. Use it to help remove chewing gum from carpets
  82. Use it to remove mud from door mats
  83. Usse it to remove gunk from your shoe treads
  84. Use it to add food coloring to icing
  85. Use it to carve modeling clay
  86. Use it as an emergency ruler
  87. Use it as a line guide when reading small print
  88. Use it as a guitar pick
  89. Use it to spread jam on toast
  90. Use it as a row marker in your garden
  91. Use it to cut soft cheeses
  92. Attach a construction paper star and use it as a fairy wand
  93. Use it to seperate Oreos
  94. Use it as an emergency palatte knife when painting