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December 28, 2019- January 31, 2020

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It’s that time again!  At the beginning of every year Tupperware releases its special Big Weeks Brochure, full of products to help organize your kitchen at special prices.  If you’ve been thinking about giving your pantry a makeover, Big Weeks is the time to do it.

This brochure focuses on our popular Modular Mates container line and re-introduces our textiles line.

Tupperware’s Modular Mates come in 4 different styles; Square, Oval, Rectangluar, and Super Ovals.  To learn more about which style is right for your kitchen visit: 

How to Organize Your Kitchen with Tupperware

Modular Mates® Squares

I must admit, Squares are my favorite.  I have the entire Modular Mates collection, and these are the ones I keep coming back to.

Squares are ideal for shallow shelving.  If you’re living in a Tiny House or looking to stock a camper/RV kitchen , these and the ovals will probably be what fits best in your cupboards.

  • I use Squares for anything that I prefer to scoop.  Mostly baking items like flour, sugar, and brown sugar.
  • I also use the Square 4 for potato chips and other bulky bagged snacks for my kids.
  • All square seals are solid.

Modular Mates® Ovals

Ovals are great for things that you prefer to pour.

  • Each Oval comes with a solid seal, Oval Pour-All Seals are available for purchase separately and come in sets of 2.
  •  Two Ovals will stack perfectly side-by-side on top of a Square.
  • Three Ovals will stack perfectly side-by-side on top of a Rectangular.

Modular Mates® Rectangulars

Rectangulars are good for bulky items or large quantities.

  • I use a Rectangular 4 for my tortilla chips.
  • I use a Rectangular 2 to keep my ‘smores supplies (graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars).
  • All Rectangular seals are solid.

Modular Mates® Super Ovals

  • Each Super Oval comes with a solid seal, Super Oval Pour-All Seals are available for purchase separately and come in sets of 2.
  • Two Super Ovals will stack perfectly side-by-side on top of a Rectangular.
  • If you’re tight on space the Super Oval 5 is comparable in volume to the Super Cereal Storer and has a smaller width.

Already have a kitchen full of Modular Mates®? 

Did you notice that all our seals were available for purchase seperately?

This is great if you are looking to color code your existing pantry!  Have a family member with a food allergy?  Let them know at a  glance what’s safe for them to have with color-coded Modular Mates®

8-Pc. Large Spice Shaker Set

I use these for the spice mixes I make myself.  These are also usefull for taking seasonings or spices along when camping or traveling.  The seals close tight so there’s no accidental spills.

Spice Shaker Seals

Already have a set of our Large Spice Shakers? You can purchase the seals in either black of sapphire to give them an updated look.

Super Cereal Storer and Cereal Storer

If you purchase the family size boxes of cereal, you’ll want the Super Cereal Storer. The smaller boxes will fit in the regular Cereal Storer.

  • I use my Super Cereal Storer for pretzels, easy to pour into a bowl for snack time.

Round Seals

These will fit any of the Modular Mates Rounds, or the Spaghetti containers.

Modular Mates Square Canister Set

These are the same as our Modular Mates talked about above, only not the regular clear/see-thru.  Virtually air-tight, these would be great for storing keep-sakes.

Includes two 11-cup Square 2’s and two 17-cup Square 3’s.

The Place for Seals

It’s a holder for for your seals. I’ve never used one, but people seem to get excited every time it comes out (usually once or twice a year).

Microfiber Dust Towels, Multipurpose Towels, and EyeGlass Towels

I’m excited to get my hands on these.  These haven’t been offered in the U.S. for years, so I’m so happy to finally be able to get them.

Tumbler Brushes

These are great for scrubbing the bottom of your tumblers. They will fit the small and extra small Eco bottles, and they’re juuuust long enough to work with the medium Eco bottles.

Eco Water Bottle Brush

This thing is huge.  I got one out of curiosity and when I pulled it out of the box my husband asked when Tupperware started selling toilet brushes.  It’s that massive. It does an excellent job though. Even if you don’t have Eco bottles, but use a lot of the large off brand bottles, this works on any of them.

Dish Drainer

This is another item that is way larger than it looks in the brochure. It’s 17.7 x 19.2 x 5.5″ so make sure it will fit in the space you want to put it.  When looked at from above it looks like a scalloped seashell.

Microfiber Dish Drying Towels, Window Towels, and Mop Towel

More microfiber items I’m looking forward to.  The Dish Drying Towels are the same that have been in the previous catalogs, it’s just a color change from last season.

Understanding the Modular Mate System

Modular Mates, if you’ve never used them before, are a stacking container system.  Think of them as legos for your pantry.

Measure your shelving to determine if Square & Oval or Rectangular and Super Oval will be the best fit for your pantry.

The height is based on multiples of the size 1.  So two size 1 Squares will be the same height as one size 2 Square, four size 1 Ovals will be the same height as one size 4 Oval.