Sweet December Rose

I love to dabble with various crafts, so when the opportunity to design my own fabrics presented itself I jumped at the opportunity.

Spoonflower is as an amazing online company that prints fabric on demand. You have the option of purchasing a fabulous design from hundreds of independent designers or creating your own designs to print.

I design prints now and then (when inspiration strikes and time allows) for my shop Sweet December Rose.  I do recieve a small commission whenever my designs are purchased, at no additional cost to you.

I do not recieve any compensation for recommending other designers or their prints/designs.

I also do not recieve any additional compensation for showing or recommending products created from my designs by other crafters/sew-ers/small businesses (I only receive commission when they initially buy my design through spoonflower, what happens after their inital purchase does not involve me).

Spring Pastels Colorway Collection

The Spring Pastels Colorway Collection were some of the first designs I made when I couldn’t find the right spring colored fabric for a project. With the exception of the two Bright Stripes, all the colors match. There are two sizes for almost every pattern, a Large and a Small, making them perfect for various projects.

Fabric Selvedge Collection

The Fabric Selvedge Collection was created as a fun nod to the niche art of creating items entirely out of selvedge.  Something I could never attempt to do since my projects were never large enough to produce and selvedge worth saving. They come in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.  The Medium is closest in size to actual selvedge I think.

Geodes Collection

The Geodes Collection is a fun design that looks best on silky fabrics.

Windows Collection

The Windows Collection was created for a design contest on Spoonflower.  This comes in both a Small and Large pattern size.

Limited Color Palette: Grey, Cream, Cucumber, and Peach

The following three collections feature the same matching color palette and were created to mix and match.

Polka Dots Collection

The Polka Dots Collection come in Small, Medium, and Large

Stripes Collection

The Stripes Collection come in Small, Medium, and Large

Knotwork Collection

The Knotwork Collection come in Small and Large