Did you know that Tupperware publishes 20 catalogs and brochures every year? That’s 20 chances to find the perfect Tupperware item you’ve been looking for! If you’re looking to request a Tupperware catalog, you’re in for a treat.  Tupperware makes all of their catalogs and brochures available digitally!  This means you get instant access to all the current offers while being environmentally  friendly.

The first thing to understand, is that a Tupperware week runs differently from how most people view a week.  When it comes to Tupperware, catalogs, brochures, and weekly sales will always begin on a Saturday and will always end on a Friday.

You can use this quick guide to determine what your current catalog should be:

Tupperware Full-Line Catalog

  • Tupperware Winter/Spring Catalog – Begins Last Saturday in December
  • Tupperware Summer Catalog – Begins Last Saturday in April
  • Tupperware Fall/Holiday Catalog – Begins Last Saturday in August

This also means that each catalog closes the day before the new one opens.

Tupperware Mid-Month Brochure

The mid-month brochure will typically open the second Saturday of the month.  The exact dates are listed on the cover of each brochure.

Tupperware Weekly Sales

Tupperware will occasionally post a weekly sale, these begin Saturday morning and end the following Friday.  Consultants normally find out Saturday morning if there are any sales being advertised that week.

Tupperware Fundraising

Tupperware offers Fundraising options too, and their schedule is:

  • Tupperware Spring Fundraiser Catalog – Begins the Last Saturday of July
  • Tupperware Fall Fundraiser Catalog – Begins the Last Saturday of December

If your consultant does not have a current fundraiser going, you can always search for one (on the graphic below, you can see the search option ‘Find a Fundraiser’ listed).  Find a cause or a local group you would like to support, and place your order online.

Tupperware Special Brochures

Tupperware also has three brochures that come out throughout the year:

  • Big Weeks Month – January
    • This brochure usually focuses on kitchen storage and organization.
  • Birthday Month – May
    • This brochure is dedicated to Brownie Wise (you can learn more about her here) and is usually themed around birthdays and summer motifs.
  • Record Breaker Month – October
    • This brochure usually contains our pink themed items.

Request a Tupperware Catalog

All of these catalogs and brochures are available to view online on my Tupperware website, and are automatically updated to the current sales items.

You can click on the Shop button to browse a specific category, or click on the Catalog button to view each currently available publication.

Request a Tupperware Catalog - Navigating the Tupperware Shopping Page

Due to rising postal costs and the overwhelming number of catalog requests I recieve, I am no longer mailing out physical copies of our Tupperware catalogs.  Please use the directions above to access a digital copy of all current catalogs and brochures.