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Tupperware Modular Mates in Popsicle

The Tale of My Kitchen

Kitchen organization is one of those things that everyone needs.  Why?  Because chances are if you’re out living on your own you have a kitchen.  And no matter what size it is, the more people you add to your household the smaller it seems to become.  When I first moved in with my husband, he definitely had a bachelor kitchen.  Every piece of kitchen ware and food items he owned up until that point fit within 2 drawers, 2 double door cupboards, 1 pantry shelf, 1 shelf in the fridge and roughly 1 shelf of the fridge door.

Coming from a family of 6, this was almost laughable.  I had never before in my life seen a kitchen so sparse.  On the upside, it meant there was a ton of room for all of my kitchen items.  And the registry items from the wedding.  And the items I received for Christmas. And Birthdays. And sales at Target. Until suddenly, that once empty kitchen was filled to the brim. And it was chaos.  I learned that a disorganized kitchen mostly makes you want to stay away from it.

It took a leaking pipe and a gutted kitchen to finally get rid of unnecessary items and get organized.  Hopefully it won’t take a mini disaster to get your own organized, however looking everyday at the obscene number of boxes that currently hold the entire contents of your kitchen for a few months can be very motivating.  The purge went well.

unorganized kitchen pantry

My Pantry Disaster

Things were going well for a while. At this point I had a new-born and my focus shifted from cleaning and maintaining to sleeping.  My pantry and fridge kinda fell by the way side there.  Although to be honest, when given the option of whether to straighten up your food items or take a nap, the nap sounds way more appealing.

After some time, my pantry looked something like this…except multiply those items by ten and add in some empty containers shoved to the back.  It was sad really.  And I finally decided to do something about it.

Simple Pantry Organization with Tupperware’s Modular Mates

If your family has lived in the States for a couple of generations, chances are you grew up in a home filled with Tupperware.  My Mom had it, my Grandma had it, I’m pretty sure my Great-Grandma had a few pieces too.  Modular Mates first came out in Squares and Ovals.  We had several squares growing up and they were always there in the pantry, keeping our chips fresh.  Later they introduced the Rectangular and Super Ovals.  The names perfectly identify what kind of container you’re getting; a square, rectangle, oval, or super (long) oval.  They’re modular, so they stack together in countless combinations.

Tupperware Modular Mates Organized Pantry
Modular Mates Stacking Combination
Modular Mates Height Comparison
Modular Mates Squares and Rectangulars
Modular Mates Ovals and Super Ovals

Which Modular Mates are Right for You?

When if comes to choosing the right Modular Mates for you and your pantry, there are 2 questions you have to ask yourself.  Will it fit?  How will I be using the container?

Measuring Your Pantry Space

There are 3 measurements you need to take of your pantry shelving before you start selecting your Modular Mates; length, width, and height.

  • The length of your shelf will determine the number of Modular Mates that will fit.
  • The width, or depth, of your shelf will tell you which Modular Mates will fit;  Ovals and Squares work for shallow shelves, Super Ovals and Rectangular for deeper shelves.
  • The height will let you know how many Modular Mates you can stack on top of each other.

It’s best if you take individual measurements of each shelf you plan on organizing.  If the spacing of the shelves vary by even an inch, it can affect the number of Modular Mates that fit that area.

Selecting the Right Modular Mate

Take a moment and think about the staple items in your pantry; flours, sugars, pasta, rice, beans, etc.  Now think about how you access them.  Do you currently scoop them out of their container, or do you pour them?  Your personal preference will determine what will work best for you.

  • If you prefer to scoop these items, then a Square or Rectangular is perfect for you.  The Square and Rectangular are sized perfectly for scooping out their contents.
  • If you prefer to pour these items, then the Oval or Super Ovals are what you should consider.  Both the Oval and Super Oval have to option of using the Pour-All Seal, sold separately, that features a flip-top opening for easy pouring.


Deciding What to Store in Modular Mates

You’ve measured all your spaces, decided on your preferred method (scoop or pour), and are ready to start transferring your food items into their new storage containers.  But wait…does everything need to be in a Modular Mate?  Honestly? No.  I’m sure some will disagree and say “Yes! Everything needs to be in Modular Mates!” But no, really, not everything needs to go in one.

If you have an item that is a single use/single serving, then it’s okay to keep it in it’s original packaging.  An example of this would be your box cake/brownie/muffin mixes. They are a single use item. You open the box, make the contents, and throw it away.

Modular Mates are more for items that contain multi-servings, things that once you used your needed portion there would still be left overs in need of storage.  Unless you use an entire bag of flour in one baking session, you would store it in a Modular Mate to help keep the remaining flour fresh.

All that being said, if you live in an area where you are constantly battling bugs (sugar ants, roaches, random insects) or have some extreme humidity that spoils your pantry items, then yes, I would definitely store those items in Modular Mates.  Since Modular Mates are virtually air-tight they would drastically help reduce these problems.  If this is the case, I would order a Madular Mate large enough to fit the entire packaged item into (unless you have the back of that cake box memorized, then you can ditch the box and just toss the plastic bag of cake mix in).


Taking Advantage of Color Coding

At times, Tupperware will offer its Modular Mates in different color options.  Black is the standard seal color, but they occasionally will offer colors such as red, pink, or blue, to name a few.  Color coding can be a great way of easily identifying special foods for family members with allergies.  Have a family member that can’t eat gluten?  Keep all your gluten-free pantry items in a “special” colored Modular Mate so they know it’s safe for them.

Tupperware Modular Mates Color Choice
Tupperware Stacked Modular Mates
Kitchen Organization with Tupperware

More Tupperware Options for your Kitchen

Tupperware offers more storage options beyond Modular Mates for your pantry.  If you have a very open kitchen concept (comprised more of out-in-the-open shelves than cupboard that you can can hide things in) the following Tupperware items can help you neatly display your frequently used food items.

CounterScaping Liquid Set

These clear containers come in two sizes, a 20-oz Medium and a 32-oz Large.  Use for storing oil, vinegar, and dressings.  They have a special flip top spout that seals tight for freshness.

Spice Shaker with Carousel

The Carousel is a seasonal item that comes and goes.  It features eight small 1/2-cup and eight large 1-cup spice shakers.  These are great for storing your own spice blends or for holding your favorite store-bought seasonings.  The Winter & Spring 2017 catalog currently has the large spice shakers available in a set of four.

One Touch Reminder Canister Set

This four-piece canister set features easy to open and close seals and a clear display window on the lower portion of the canister.  This allows you to easily see when its contents are running low.  Includes 5-cup Junior, 8-cup Small, 12-cup Medium and 17½-cup Large Canister.

Smart Containers

 The Potato Smart Container (L) and Onion & Garlic Smart Container (R)  are specially vented to extend the life of these produce items.  They do best in a cool, dry, dark area, so try placing these items on a lower pantry shelf.

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