Do you know the best thing about direct sales party? The Host Rewards.  Seriously, if there something out there that you are lusting over and don’t have the funds to purchase to your hearts content, hosting is the way to go.  Every single direct sales company out there offers some version of a rewards program, whether it is getting items for free or half-priced or exclusive items offered for a limited time.  Some will even offer all three.  So how do you get the biggest rewards with the least amount of spending on your part? You follow these tips on how to host a direct sales party.

Step 1: Select Your Consultant

Chances are you know exactly what company you want to buy from and also just so happen to know someone who sells it.  Don’t know anyone?  Ask a few friends, chances are they can recommend someone.

Get to know them. Seriously, it’s much easier if you have a consultant you click with.  Chances are they have a Facebook page or group.  Follow or join them and spend a few days getting a feel for them. If they wind up feeling like your long lost best friend, proceed to Step 2.  Feeling a bit ‘Meh…’ about them? Think about finding someone else. There is a perfect consultant for you in every single company just waiting to be found.  Don’t be afraid to shop around to find them.

Step 2: Learn About the Host Rewards

If you’ve been stalking following your consultant on social media, chances are they’ve mentioned what the current host rewards are or have posted some sort of graphic displaying them. Usually they come with a minimum sales amount before the Host qualifies for anything.  Make sure you understand what sales are required for each level of rewards if your chosen company has a tiered rewards system.  If you’re not sure, you can ask your consultant and they will be able to explain it in full detail.

Once you understand how the rewards work you will want to set a sales goal and create a list of products you want should you reach it.  This will make it easier and faster to close out your party in the future.

Step 3: Schedule Your Party

If you’re happy with the rewards program, and have chosen your consultant, you can now ask to schedule your party. Most consultants prefer to schedule 2-3 weeks out as that usually gives you at the very least one week to get your guests invited and excited for your party.

You will probably be given the option of having an in home party or an online one.  An in home party is your traditional option, while online parties are quickly becoming the norm.  So how do you know which one is for you?  Well, if you have a large group of friends that loves to get together at each other’s houses to drink, eat, and hangout for a few hours, then an in home party will probably work great for you. If, however, your friends are scattered all over and getting together only seems to happen at weddings, then an online party might work more in your favor.

Step 4: Invite Your Friends

No matter which party option you selected above, the invitation process is the same. Do NOT invite every single person in your address book or who you’re friends with on Facebook. Seriously. You wouldn’t invite 500+ people to your wedding, don’t invite them to your party.

Think, extremely carefully, about the product that will be sold at your party. The guy from work that you chit-chat with at lunch probably doesn’t want an invite to your ladies clothing party.  The cousin that you’ve never seen wear a single piece of jewelry isn’t interested in your jewelry party.  The friend that you know eats out every meal and has never cooked a day in their life will see no reason to attend a kitchen wares party.  Select the people you invite based on THEIR interests.

Aim for 40 people. With 40 invited, you are realistically looking at 10 – 15 that will attend. Take a moment to handwrite an invitation to each of them. Hand deliver them, or if time allows, mail it to them.  People love getting actual mail, and handwritten notes are rare these days. If you don’t have a way to deliver a handwritten note, then you can text or message them.

Personalize each person’s invitation. Let them know you thought of them when you saw a certain item, and then let them know why it reminded you of them.  Make them feel special and make them want to see the product that you picked for them.

Step 5: RSVP’s and Reminders

As your party date draws closer you want to get as many rsvp’s as possible.  If you haven’t heard from a guest, check in on them.  Politely tell them how excited you are and how much you hope they’ll be able to attend. You can mention again the item you selected for them  and a few more they may be interested in learning about.  If they decline, be gracious and let them know they’ll be missed.

You will always gain more from being polite than being rude. Honey versus vinegar.  Guests will remember how you acted and treated them during this party, and that will determine if they ever attend a second one with you.

Step 6: Party

Your Consultant will have prepped you for the party and given you a basic walk through of what will happen.

If you’re having an in home party you will need to discuss what food or beverages are going to be involved.  If your party involves a cooking demonstration, you might be in charge of some minor food prep.

If you’re having an online party you won’t have to worry about food.

Either way, you will be expected to be fully present and involved during the party.  Be enthusiastic, and point out those specific items again to each guest.  Do your best to get them involved too. The best parties are the ones where everyone has fun.

If you’re having an in home party, be sure to keep your guests entertained while the consultant is taking orders. You don’t want a rush to the exit because they’re bored or tired of waiting for their turn to place an order.

Step 7:  After the Party

After the party has been closed you will sit down with your consultant and they will go over the final party total with you. This is when you will have the option to make any regular priced purchases to increase your host rewards.  Once you’ve reached your final total, they will go over the rewards and let you know what exactly you qualify for.

This is where that product list from your sales goal back in Step 2 comes in:

  • If you hit your sales goal and qualify for everything on your list, high-five!
  • If you fell short, ask your consultant to help you select the best combination of items to get the most out of your rewards.
  • If you shot right past your goal have fun selecting a few more items!

Once your consultant has your host order in they can submit your party, and you can begin to write thank you notes to everyone that attended.

Step 8: Thank Your Guests

Be sure to write a thank you note to all of your guests, even if they did not make a purchase.  If they had mentioned what they ordered, feel free to mention it.  If they had not mentioned their order, then thank them in general and let them know you hope they enjoy their purchase.  The majority of people prefer to make purchases in private, if they choose not to tell what they order, don’t pry.

***For the love of all things good, if you are having a party with a company of the more “adult products” variety, DO NOT openly suggest products OR mention purchases OR their attendance in public.  In these instances a very (very!!!) generic invitation and thank you are good enough.  You do not want to inadvertently mortify a friend***


Following these steps should set you up to host a great party and help encourage your friends to attend any future parties as well.  Just keep in mind that all good things are done in moderation. Try to keep your parties to once every  3 – 4 months to avoid guest party burn out.  Your consultant should provide you with a basic party planning checklist.  Don’t be afraid to discuss any ideas or questions you may have. Their goal is to help you have the best party even and earn as many host rewards as possible.