Hey everyone, thought I’d take a minute to answer some frequent questions about Tupperware that I get.  If you have a question that you don’t see mentioned, ask it in the comments and I’ll add it to this post.

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Is Tupperware BPA free?

Yes, all Tupperware items sold in the USA and Canada are BPA free, and have been since March 2010.   (Source)


It Tupperware recyclable?

Yes. However, if you are throwing it in the recycle bin because it is chipped, peeling, warping, broken, or cracked, contact your local Tupperware consultant first to see if you qualify for a free replacement.  Keep in mind that if your Tupperware item contains metal parts, it’s probably only under a one-year warranty.


Is Tupperware air-tight?

Any Tupperware that features a ROUND seal is going to be air-tight and liquid-tight if sealed properly.


Can I put my Tupperware in the dishwasher?

Yes and No.  Tupperware products created after September 1979 are dishwasher safe (top rack, no heat dry).  However, if your Tupperware item contains metal parts (such as our knives, pans, and some gadgets) it is highly recommended that you hand wash and immediately towel dry.  The majority of our products will feature an image of a glass and fork, which indicates it is safe for the dishwasher.


Can I use my Tupperware in the microwave?

If it has “microwave cooking” or “microwave reheatable” in the title or description, yes.  Most of our microwave items will have the microwave heating information embossed on the underside of the lid.  If an item is listed as “reheatable” then that means it should only be microwaved at 50%-70% power.


Can I use my Tupperware in the freezer?

If it is labeled “freezer safe” in the title or description, yes.  Tupperware that is not approved for freezer use may crack or break when subjected to extreme cold.  If you have a Tupperware item that is approved for both freezer and microwave use, I usually allow it to defrost in the fridge or rest on the counter for 10-15 minutes when transferring from freezer to microwave to prevent any temperature shock on my Tupperware.


How often do new Tupperware products come out?

Tupperware comes out with a new catalog 3 times a year.  They also offer a monthly brochure filled with limited-time specials.  If you’re interested in viewing the current catalog and brochure, you can do so here.


How do I get my Tupperware item replaced?

If you have lost a Tupperware seal during a move, or your dog used your child’s bell tumbler for a chew toy, you may be able to pay for a replacement.  Not all items are available as a replacement, so ask your local Tupperware consultant for its availability first.  If your Tupperware item is chipped, peeling, warping, broken, or cracked, it may qualify for a free replacement.


My Tupperware broke, how does the warranty work?

This is best done through a local consultant as the Tupperware item to be warrantied needs to be given to them.  Tupperware has the right to ask any consultant to send in a warranty item for 60 days after the items replacement has been ordered.  After that time, the broken Tupperware is recycled.  If your Tupperware item is chipped, peeling, warping, broken, or cracked, it may qualify for a free replacement.  Some items are under a Quality Warranty, which is marked with a “Q” in the catalog.  These items usually contain metal of moving parts and are only given a 1-year warranty.  Some items, such as our UltrPro line or Chef Series Cookware may actually require you to be in contact with Tupperware corporate and directly mail your items to them (your consultant will help you with this process, don’t worry).


Will I be charged tax when purchasing Tupperware online?

If you are ordering off a consultant website, or a TupperConnect link at a party, you will be charged tax according to your shipping address.  If you are ordering through a Tupperware Party, you will be charged tax according to your Host’s shipping address.


Will I be charged any shipping fees?

Yes, all orders are charged a flat rate of 10% shipping with a minimum of $4.50.  In other words, any purchase $45.00 and under (pre-tax) is an automatic $4.50 shipping, any amount purchased above that is 10% of the total (pre-tax).  And yes, consultants have to pay shipping too, so there’s no magical waiving of the shipping fees.  We pay shipping for anything and everything we order.


How can I get a refund?

Tupperware doesn’t currently offer a way for consultants to provide refunds. Why?  I honestly don’t know.  If a consultant does offer to refund a product, they are essentially eating the cost and refunding you from their own wallet.  If you happen to receive a damaged product (which is rare), you can return it to your consultant and ask for a warranty replacement.


Where is Tupperware manufactured?

The majority of our products are manufactured in Hemmingway, South Carolina.  Tupperware also has manufacturing plants in countries around the world, which makes sense because it is sold in nearly 100 countries world-wide.  While I can’t find a definitive list on manufacturing locations, I can say from my own purchasing experience that I have received Tupperware items made from here in the USA as well as France, Japan, and Mexico.


Where can I purchase Tupperware?

From your local Tupperware Consultant.  If you don’t currently have a consultant I’d be happy to provide you a link to my Tupperware shop.


Where Can I Get a Tupperware Catalog?

All of our brochures and catalogs are available online, you can find the current catalogs and brochures on my Facebook Page.