How to Host a Direct Sales Party

Do you know the best thing about direct sales party? The Host Rewards.  Seriously, if there something out there that you are lusting over and don’t have the funds to purchase to your hearts content, hosting is the way to go.  Every single direct sales company out...

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15 Must Have Items for College Freshmen

This post contains affiliate links. For more information check out my full disclosure policy. 15 Must Have Items for College Freshmen As this school year draws to a close and the next rolls closer, a lot of our high school grads will be excitedly planning for their...

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Comparing Grocery Store Costs

Getting the Most Out of Your Grocery Budget Whether you're a single-income or two-income home, saving money should always be a priority. One of the easiest ways to trim a budget is taking a close look at your food receipts.  All the money spent dining out, making a...

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