Hi! I’m Amanda.  Remember those getting-to-know-you games you had to play on the first day of school?  Yeah, I never liked those either, but let’s do one anyway.  Let’s play Truths and a Lie (Hint, there’s no lies…or is there?  No, seriously, they’re all truths).

  • I live in Florida on the Space Coast, close enough to the Kennedy Space Center that my windows shake with every launch.
  • I’m a stay-at-home mom to a very cunning toddler.  She’s also fearless and I’m pretty sure she’s responsible for the white hairs I’m starting to find.
  • I love to read (there’s a bookcase or two in almost every room of my house), but don’t sit down with a good book as often as I would like.
  • I enjoy cooking, but much prefer to bake; my chocolate chip cookies are my go to potluck dish.
  • I enjoy all sorts of crafts; crochet, knitting, cross-stitch, sewing, and painting.
  • I sell Tupperware, and honestly love it.  I work with a great group of women (and a couple guys) and have made a lot of wonderful friends I would never have met otherwise.

Here you will find a blog about…

Life.  Food.  Crafts.  Kids.  Tupperware.  Whatever comes along, really.  This is a place to share the recipes that  my family enjoys.  To share arts and crafts, because some of those will become the memories my daughter keeps and shares and passes down.  To share my love of Tupperware; Tupperware has been a part of my family for 3 generations, and I want to hand down those memories to a 4th.  This is a place to document all of life’s little velleities, and perhaps turn some of them into a reality.


Product reviews, organization ideas, and tips & tricks for creating quick and easy meals for you and your family.


Family -friendly activities for kids of all ages.


Recipes ranging from no-bake snacks to full course dinners.


Whether your single or a family of half-a-dozen, saving money should always be a priority.


Easy to do projects available for all skill levels.

What’s a Velleity?

Everyone has them.  They’re those tiny little wishes you make throughout your day, the ones you really wish would just suddenly come true…but then we forget about them or brush them aside.    Like that person who always wishes they could win that huge lotto, but have never in their life bought a ticket.  Or when you stare at your dining room walls and think about painting them a different color but the project never goes further than maybe grabbing a few paint sample cards at the hardware store.  I think most people go through a dozen or so velleities every day.

Well that’s…kinda depressing.

Really?  My husband thought so when I first told him what I wanted to name my blog.  He thought it should be something more cheerful. But aren’t your velleities cheerful?  A little bright moment throughout the day when your mind wanders and you daydream of some happy thought.  All that’s really missing is the action from you to make it a reality…but the reality is that sometimes those needed actions aren’t feasible at the moment (like retiring tomorrow and spending the rest of my years RV-ing and touring road-side attractions).  I think of a velleities as seeds, tossed around throughout our day. Most of them are lost; it’s hard after all to remember every single wish you’ve ever made in the history of forever. A few of them grow roots and stay with you, the plans that you have for “one day” that you think about fondly throughout the weeks and months (like painting the dining room if I can ever decide on a color).  Then one day, motivation kicks in (or you win the lottery), and that one velleity will blossom and become a reality.  Then the process starts all over again.